The techie person starts rumbling on and your eyes glaze over. Before you know it, you've become trapped in a holding pattern of intermittent nodding and saying 'yes' randomly when there's a break in the technobabble.

Not good.

But it happens to the best of us.
If you don't speak techno you can walk away from a meeting unsure exactly what it is you agreed - and feeling too embarrassed to ask any questions.

So, let Weebox ask them.

We're fluent in technospeak. So we can either act as unseen consultants or deal directly with your technical suppliers.

If having spoken to your events people, you're still not quite sure what's feasible, affordable or applaudable, you can be absolutely certain that we do.

Because we do it all the time.

So, talk to Weebox and we'll communicate with the guy who makes holograms happen, or chat to someone who can turn a bare-bones warehouse into Hogwarts Castle.

Talk to us and we'll talk to them.