Some of the services Weebox provides

The list is not exhaustive but these are some of the key elements we provide when putting together a production. Some clients only need one or two tricks out of our bag, some opt for the full service.


We have perfected this service over the years so you can relax knowing that your content is delivered.

Lighting Design

We design lighting for events, entertainment industry as well as fixed installations.


From paper sketches to 2D CAD Plans to 3D models, renders and animation are the tools we use to visualize your projects. Event, set, production design and visualisation (3D drawing, AutoCAD, WYSIWYG)

Digital Services

Full computing related services. If it needs code to run, we will make it work.

Video Projection

Video Projection and Projection Mapping is an area we have a lot of technical and creative experience.

Technical Direction

Weebox provides Technical Direction for various client projects, overseeing technical teams and processes.

Video Production

Video, shooting them, making them, editing them.

Research and Development

Weebox is made of innovators. Transforming dreams into reality is in our blood.

Not sure we can do it?

Or not sure it is possible at all? Well, the best thing to do is